I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the work you did on our dam. Within 5 minutes of meeting with Don and Melanie, it was evident to me that this was the company we needed to hire to restore our dam. Within a couple days, Rock’N Excavating brought in over 500 tons of rip/rap rock and lined the dam. A couple days later, two other men arrived with a mini-excavator and a Bobcat. What those guys did was nothing short of amazing. They started laying the rocks individually and the finished result is truly a work of art. I never dreamed that 500 tons of rock could end up looking so good! Thanks to you, we can continue to enjoy our beautiful lake and dam for years to come. Mike McKim

I bought 10 acres of raw land two miles north of Liberty, MO in August of 2004. The acreage was full of seven foot tall weeds and had a 100-year old silted-in half acre pond. The thicket was so dense that I really didn’t realize that the pond existed until one of my Labs came back all wet. I knew the property had great potential, but knew I needed some major help!

I contacted Rock’N Excavating as they were referred to me by my builder. I could tell after 5 minutes of walking the property together that we were going to work together. Don is a visionary, an artist. His medium just happens to be the earth that he so magically sculpts and transforms into beautiful and functional settings. Don dug the basement foundation of my house and then began to dig a 1 acre pond on the front part of my property. Some of the pictures shown in their website show the progress of this work. I will let the pictures speak for themselves, but the transformation was remarkable! Don helped me clear the thicket around my back pond, remove the silt, and dig it deeper to support fish life. He actually extended the size of the pond and created an island and a dam/road in the process. The most recent project involved lining part of that dam with limestone rock and building rock-lined inlets for the front pond.

Don is the best there is in this business in my opinion. He works with the natural lay of the land to correct any drainage or functional problems that might exist, while all the time keeping the look as natural as possible. I have been around construction my whole life and know that there is a huge difference in the quality of work in this space. There are many people who can dig a hole, but not many who can paint a picture. I wouldn’t even think of having anyone else work on my property sculpting than Don. He is very creative and is always thinking of unique ideas to get “…the biggest bang for the buck” – a phrase that I’ve adopted from Don. I couldn’t begin to calculate how much money his projects have added to the value of my land. He has transformed it from 10 acres of weeds to a unique showcase. Mike Edler Liberty, MO

We wanted to thank you for the great work you did to beautify our property. When we first bought the 20 acres it was mainly hay pasture with a small pond which was overgrown and not visible. In the back section of the property, there was a dry pond, an old fence line with trees and brush, and another small pond which was overgrown.

The people who owned the property before we purchased it, wanted it mainly for hunting, but we wanted to have horses. Since you have cleared the trees and brush from the small pond and made it larger, it will be our new pond for the horses.

The majority of the project was the road and pond in the front of the property. Before the project, the dam over the spillway was held up by railroad ties, brush and metal fence, and the road was steep which caused problems in rain and snow. After you rerouted the road to the natural lay of the land and built up the dam, the pond is now the major attraction of the property.

We also appreciate all of the rock removal from the pasture, tree and brush clearing, and leveling of the land so it is easier to mow. There were so many things that were done, it is hard to mention them all.

The property value has increased beyond our expectations from all of the work you did for us.
Thank you so much!! Anita and Jerry Szymkowski Richmond, MO